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Becky Lee

Becky Lee

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It was a great pleasure working with Becky on our 1st home in Bay area.  Becky was recommended to us by my husband's colleague.  When we 1st met her, we told her we were new here, before relocating, we didn't know much about the housing market of the area.  Becky spent hours to educate us on different neighborhoods.  She also took time to listen to what we were looking for and what we needed.  

Becky is very open, honest and patient, always gives us her true opinions.  She sent us new list each day, so we always had most updated information.  She additionally showed us some houses that we hadn't really considered, she wasn't pressuring us, instead she gave us more great options when we looked for our new home.  Becky is full of great loknowledge regarding each neighborhood and pricing of the market.  

With Becky's help, we found our great home and more importantly we got an "AWESOME" and "SWEET" deal on our 1st home in Bay area.  She was very good negotiating with the selling team and very prompt and diligent in moving the deal forward. 

During the process, she was constantly updating us every status so we knew each step of the entire process, even we were out of town for a week. Becky was very detailed on every step from pre-approval to price to escrow and to closing.  She made us felt very comfortable, supported and reliable in the stressful process.  For the 1st time buyers or new comers, this is very important.  

The deal now was closed, she is able to help with our moving and remodeling our unit.  She always provides additional services beyond our need. We had an excellent working experience with Becky.  We really appreciate on what she has done to us.  We would highly recommend Becky to our friends and anyone looking to buy a home. 

By Jay C & Janice T

April 2017

We have recently moved from Australia and we did not know the local market and the challenges that would come our way with being new to the country.  Becky was referred through multiple family members that have used her services as a highly recommended professional realtor with excellent local knowledge of the bay area as well as someone who has lots of great contacts.  Becky was very patient with us and helped us secured a loan when no one else could. We were in the US for less than 6 months when we got our loan which a lot of people told us was unheard of but she was that knowledgeable and well connected.  She then helped us very patiently experience "culture shock" adapting to the local North California real estate market and houses.  She was extremely hard working (my inquiry was always responded quickly even when it was sent late at night!).  Becky guided us throughout the journey of securing a home at a great location that we would have otherwise missed had it not been through her great local knowledge and expertise in real estate.

I mentioned about her great contacts that got us the loan but it did not stop there as we needed to do a few renovations and she helped managed (this is over and beyond what a normal realtor would do) and connected us with her contacts on Termite treatment, flooring, electrical, handyman and window replacement.  She also helped with house and car insurance and through her contact was able to get us a great rate that I wasn't able to get myself.  Like I said she really has lots of great contacts :) 

If you need a professional realtor that will go above and beyond the normal call of duty to help you that also has lots of great contacts, call Becky. You will not regret it.  Feel free to call us anytime for a reference as we will gladly share our experience of what Becky has done for us.

Thank you Becky.

By Lucky and Shirly Effendi

April 2016


Becky was a very professional and helpful real-estate agent. She helped me find my dream home, and more importantly, she made the entire process very smooth.


As a first-time home buyer, I had a lot of questions and misunderstandings about the real estate market when I started my house hunting. Becky was such a great listener. She would listen very carefully to my ideas about my ideal home. Then she would provide her professional opinions about what was realistic and what was not. Her analysis on the market value and home history was very precise and detailed. Those really helped me refine my criteria and make informed decisions. Once I made up my mind, Becky was always very respectful and supportive, even to some ‘picky’ criteria my family and I had.


Becky was also very flexible in terms of house touring. I had a busy work schedule but Becky always worked out ways to accommodate that. She never complained about any of the early-morning/late-night tours we had. She also customized the search and manually pre-screened the results for me, so that I did not need to spend lots of time on fishing the candidates. Such customized service was very helpful and made every tour very efficient.

Becky is very knowledgeable and professional in the bidding process. Her insight into the market and her honest suggestions about the bidding price were very useful for our decision making. She also informed us all the status update during the bidding process and helped us formulate strategies and negotiate with the sellers.

In addition, the electronic reviewing/signing system she adopted largely simplified the paperwork step and saved our time.

Another reason I recommend Becky is her personality. She is a patient, honest, and friendly person. Even after the purchase was closed, she provided us lots of information and suggestions on the house maintenance and remodeling. I felt that I could trust her like a close family friend and indeed she lived up to it. I enjoyed my first home buying experience and I really appreciated all Becky had done to make it enjoyable.  

By K.Y. Cheng & Y.F. Wu 

February 2015 


I sold a home in San Jose through Becky in June of 2014, She provided top-notch professional services promptly and kindly throughout the process. She possesses keen insights on the property conveyance process, responding quickly to needs as they arose and was utmost responsive to questions raised.

I highly recommend her as an Real agent to use if you are dealing a property transaction. She is very caring and responsible, possessing strong and perceptive negotiation skills aimed at closing the deal in a satisfactory manner for all parties involved in the transaction. I highly recommend Becky without reservation.

Thank Becky again for the wonderful job done!

By Dean Swenor & Jae Lin

June 2014

When we started looking for a house on March 21, 2014, we found Becky through some friends and started working with her until we closed on our house on April 24th. Throughout our search, Becky has been absolutely responsive to all questions and requests, be it via phone, email or in-person. She is also a punctual person, in all of our appointments, she was always early and well-prepared. During open house visits, she would observe and point out details of the properties that we would have missed completely. She worked tirelessly on our mortgage application, giving us the latest updates on where the process was at and worked closely with the lender to push our mortgage through. In this market today, where each listed property would receive multiple offers over the asking price and many cash offers, we feel very lucky to have our offer accepted, and ALL the credit goes to Becky, for spotting quickly a house that came back on the market and worked with us to come up with an offer that is lower than the asking price!Other than her vast knowledge on the local real estate market, Becky is also a good resource for other home-related services. She can recommend to you some good home remodeling companies for both labor and material and other home-related services like general contractors, tree removal services and more. As buyers of an older home (ours is 50 years old), these service costs will add up quickly without a good recommendation. It is hard to gauge the cost and quality of the work. However, we have been very happy with both the price and quality of the work done by the contractors introduced to us by Becky.  

Ran Au Yong from Adobe System & Sara Song 

April 29, 2014  

A big thank you as well Becky! We are just a few steps away now from closing on a home we love! And a good price also.  Great thanks to you both in guiding us to the right home, and also apply some diplomatic (and needed) pressure to the Wells Fargo loan team to move that loan process to reach Underwriter's approval!                                                       June 27, 2013

Becky, we think you are a great Realtor, happy to have found you. It is the strong experience/knowledge you have from buying/selling many property for clients in THIS area. For example, the type of helpful areas you pointed out, such as: some older homes have the above-ground wires, then other newer homes were made when style changed to routed underground wires which is an advantage, some homes certain time period have the slab area, rest is crawl space. Some homes have the grounded wiring (3 prong). Some have the copper piping. These are things neither of us would have noticed, but can be important when comparing homes. So we hope you do continue to speak mind freely offer us all kinds of advice!                                              

By Stephan Vrudny from Flextronics  & Yanan Vrudny from Paly

May 3,2013 


Hi Becky,

Thank you so much for all the efforts you have done for us to make our dream home come true! Without your vigilant searching efforts we would never  notice this potential house. Following your wise wait-and-see strategy, we got a chance to successfully bid this wonderful house.  You are such a dedicated  professional agent!  Great job! 

By Ping Yeh from Google & SueHui Ko

Oct. 2012 


Becky was our realtor when we purchased our house in 2012. We were first home-buyers and inexperienced. Becky was patient with us and very knowledgeable, as we had many questions about houses and the market. She was courteous and professional, and always responsive to our requests. The bay area is a difficult market for buyers, and I would say without Becky's assistance, it would have not been a smooth experience. I would strongly recommend Becky to all buyers or sellers who are looking for a realtor.
By Fred Chen & Sherry Wang

April. 2012

In October of 2011, my wife and I asked Becky to represent us in our search for our first home. Becky took the time to carefully note beforehand our price range, our preferences, and our priorities before embarking on a search with us for the ideal home. Over the next two months, she showed us seven or eight homes in our price range. Realizing that we could finally afford to buy, we were so ecstatic over the drop in prices that we were often unable to see the less obvious negative qualities of a home; however, Becky helped us 'see' a house's value in a more complete way. She regularly brought seemingly minor but important issues such as parking and access and a home's subtle structural flawsto our attention, steering us away from potential problem homes. 

In December, we found a home in our price range that passed both Becky's inspection and ours; our offer was accepted and we began the closing process. Becky was also very helpful during closing; not only did she regularly inform us about any important closing responsibilities, but when the escrow company tried to improperly pass on to us some notary costs that rightfully belonged to the seller, she politely demanded that the payment be removed from our closing costs. On December 24, , the sale closed without a hitch and we received the keys to our first home. Three months later, we are very pleased with our purchase—no buyer's remorse whatsoever! With that in mind, my wife and I recommend Becky wholeheartedly to anyone purchasing a home and in need of a quality realtor inSanta Clara County.



By Michael Merrick from Light of Knowledge
& Rini from Sand Hill Hotel Management

March 2012  


A couple of close friends referred Becky to us. We had another referral to a different realtor, who offered more incentive to buyers. We still proceeded with Becky because we were convinced by Becky's dedication to her clients after the first two meetings. Home buying is a long lasting or even life lasting experience and we wanted to be in safe hands than look for short-term gains.

Our intuition was right. Becky is very professional and at the same time friendly. In summary, we really appreciate her dedication and professional service to her clients, during the property search, escrow period and even after the transaction closed. We also found a lifetime family friend in addition to a thorough professional realtor in Becky. 

By Vishnu from Cisco Systems, Inc. & Madhavi

May 2011


Becky is a professional real estate broker I will recommend to anyone who plans to sell their homes. She knows how to sell a house even in a very slow and competitive market. She will propose proper staging strategy and is willing to go extra mile to make a home more attractive and presentable. For our home, she even brought her own accessory to stage it when we were really short of budget to do so. As a result of her great efforts and presentation, our home was sold in less than two months at a decent price while three other similar houses in the same community are still sitting in the market. Becky is not only an excellent agent representing us is this transaction; the buyer purchased our home also enjoyed her presentation, trusted her so much and choose her as their agent. 

During the whole process we were working with Becky, she made herself available whenever we need her assistance, never once lost her patience. There were quite a few times we had to go through some paperwork very late at night, she still happily accommodated our schedule and got the job done smoothly. 

The sale of our home was very smooth and successful. We enjoyed working with Becky. So will you.

By Rudi Law & Liesy Tan

March 2011

We are so lucky meeting Becky when we went to an "Open House", and now this house is our sweet home. We love the house at the first sight but the price is much higher than we expected to buy. Becky is the listing agent. Right after talking to her, we know we can completely trust her and we want to buy the house through her. With her professional assistance and reasonable suggestions during the whole process, finally we made it. Now Becky is not only our agent but our good friend.

Becky is a very professional agent. She is incredibly knowledgeable about both the real estate industry and the around neighborhoods (she has a very useful website: As a dual agent, she perfectly presents both buyer and seller. We used other dual agents before so we know how a bad agent can ruin our transactions even we really want to buy the target house. 

 Becky is very hard-working. She is always available, reminds us what’s the next and is willing to answer all kinds of questions from the beginning to post-closing (which is extremely important for the first time home buyer like us). After closing, she still keeps us in the loop if there are new listings around our neighborhood. It’s good for us to watch our house value and to inspire us to our next target. Becky made the house shopping so easy and smooth. She did all the work and the only thing we needed to do is following her instructions.  We highly recommend Becky for the house hunting needs; she will definitely deliver above and beyond what you expect from a realtor! Of course, we will ask her more help if we want to sell our house or buy another house.

By Mike from Zhang and Associates
& Sunny from Stanford University

February 2011


Becky is an exceptional real estate agent and has truly broad knowledge and strong willingness in assisting her clients in real estate purchase, loaning / financing, and interior design for remodeling. We came across Becky last year to seek her professional opinions on the estate investment beyond the first home we had purchased. With the economy down turn and uncertainty in 2009, we made our decision of deferring a real estate investment and focused on remodeling our current home. Without any reservations, Becky provided us many valuable advices on the interior design, choices of material, and supplier’s info. She gave us more than enough tips to enable us to find the best contractor, to plan ahead for the remodeling process, and to monitor the progress to completion on time. While not working out a deal with Becky on the real estate sales in 2009, her patience and enthusiasm in supporting our need have deeply impressed us and made us believe she is the real estate agent of choice. She always put herself in her clients’ shoes and thinks about what works best for her clients.

In late 2010, we re-looked at our 2009 objective and highlighted our budgetary plan of purchasing a rental property for the investment purpose. She quickly jumped online to search all market info and provided us the related marketing info such as the range of real estate sales and rental prices, the recommended areas for the ease of rental, the options of loans and equity lines, and the overall return on investment with given purchased conditions.  Her effectiveness and efficiency and faithful real estate info have again won our trust, making it easy for us to make a decision to bid when we visited a nearly new condo apartment close to Santana Row in San Jose.   When closing the deal, the short sale negotiator was requesting adopting a much higher closing cost through a Title company off the bay area.  Instead of rushing to close the deal, Becky stood strong on behalf of the clients (without letting us know in advance) and negotiated for changing Title to a local company to save us more than two thousand dollars of closing cost. Becky was also very patient and helpful in walking us through the finance process to maximize our return on investment.   Without her real estate and finance knowledge and without her dedication to meeting our objective, the closure of deal with this condo apartment would not have happened within such a short time frame. 

Becky, you are the best!

By I-Hsing Tan & Ying-Lan Chang
from Kiwylight Technology Solutions

December 2010


Becky is a very special real estate agent. Prior to meeting Becky, we have consulted a couple different real estate agents in our quest to purchase a house, but we felt as though they were in fact working for the sellers and not for the buyers. However, Becky was different. She respected and cared about our interests and gave us her insightful honest advice and suggestions during our search. We felt that she was being our true advocate representing our side at every business encounter. She was very patient with our decisions and never pressured us in any way. Her expertise coupled with her sincerity makes her a highly regarded trustworthy real estate agent. She is someone who will look out for the buyer's best interest. We are very happy with our recent purchase of our home and will definitely ask her to assist us again. We highly recommend Becky to anyone who is looking for honesty and integrity from an agent. 

By N&S O from Stanford Medical Center
June 2010


At our initial meeting with Becky, she appeared patient, trustworthy, and knowledgeable about the real estate market. Time has only validated our first impression, as Becky has proven herself to be an amazing real estate agent. Throughout the nine months that we searched for a home, Becky has been there every step of the way as both an advisor and a friend.

What we appreciate most about Becky is how much she prioritizes client satisfaction; her first and foremost objective has always been our happiness. In our search for our future home, we visited countless open houses and made dozens of offers. While the process could sometimes be tedious and frustrating, Becky never pushed us outside of our comfort zone to simply purchase a house. While she would provide valuable advice about every potential property, she also patiently listened to our opinions. She always honored our goals and wishes.

Furthermore, Becky is always available, prompt to respond, and eager to be of assistance. In fact, we sometimes received emails from her as late as midnight. Even while she was vacationing in Taiwan during the Chinese New Year holidays, she replied to our questions, however trivial, with speed and patience. Her diligence was a key factor is finalizing the deal for our new home. We visited its open house just two days after it was listed on the market—and not even during a weekend. When we were ready to make our offer, Becky had the necessary paperwork ready within a day. If it were not for her prompt action, we would not have obtained the amazing deal for our house that we did.

Besides just being a realtor, Becky is also knowledgeable about loans and remodeling—making the house buying process even simpler for us. After the seller accepted our offer, Becky found us a great loan to ease our financial obligations. And when we expressed the desire to remodel certain rooms in our new house, Becky assumed the role of an interior designer, offering insightful advice on current styles and colors.We look forward to moving to our new dream home within the month, and we have Becky to thank for that. I would enthusiastically recommend Becky to anyone and everyone looking for a new home to call their own.

By Xiao Lin from Apache Design Solutions, Inc.
& Yun Peng from Trust Montessori Preschool
June 2010



We recently closed our first home with Becky's help and really appreciate all the help and care she provided. Actually, she had been working with us for almost three years. During this period, we went  to numerous  "Open Houses" and had number of " Strategy Sessions" to fine tune our finances, needs and timing. Becky was always very objective, straight forward and took great pains to explain Cupertino market and complex buying process. She always focused on  "what is good for us" and helped us take right decision rather than pushing us towards finish line. 

During the final month , when I was working remote, she single handedly drove the process and made it flexible to meet our schedule. Her attention to detail (paper work , terms & conditions) is immaculate. She was always available to answer all our questions particularly during late hours and on the weekends.   It is so easy to work with her. She is our trusted partner as long as we live in Cupertino/ San Jose area.

Ashutosh from Wipro Technologies and Anjali

May 2010



We Made A Move With Becky...and Loved It
My wife and I made a move with Becky and we loved it. Becky is without a doubt one of the most patient, hardworking and honest agent that anyone could ask for. We find it hard to believe that you can find a better agent working for you toward finding the house of your dreams.

We were first introduced to Becky in the Spring of 2009. She was respectful, cheerful, intelligent and most importantly genuine. Through we were only at the beginning stages of searching for our home, Becky was extremely patient with us. She took the time to drive us practically every Sunday afternoon for almost a year to help us find the home that we want. Throughout the whole process from the first meeting to the final closing date----never once did we feel that Becky pressured us to purchase a home that was not in our best interests. What we love about Becky is that she was always looking out for us and constantly had our best interests at heart. She was knowledgeable and patient with us and answered any questions that we might have---no matter how silly those questions might be. Though she might have heard the same questions asked of her many times, never once did she showed impatience.

Becky was patient during the search process but when we did find the house that we wanted she was quick to act. This is an immensely important trait to have from your agent as timing is everything in bidding on a house. Once we decided to place a bid on a home, Becky already had all the Offer Letter and Documents prepared and ready for our signature. This task would be completed that very day or the next day at the latest.


We remained loyal to Becky throughout the year long process and for that loyalty and faith, we were rewarded with our dream home at a reasonable price. We could not have been any happier with any agent and we will recommend Becky to any and all of our friends in the future as an agent. We made a move with Becky and we highly recommend that you do too.

By Marc, from Arm, Inc.

& Yu-Ping, from Highpoint technologies, Inc.

April 2010


If there is one stop shop with quality and comprehensive real estate service, it would be with Becky. She has been a realtor, loan agent, financial advisor, part time home decorator/general contractor and home maintenance contractor for us. She is a knowledgeable, patient and very dedicated professional. 
We have been looking for a home since 2008 at leisure, and became serious at the beginning of 2009. It was a quite risky time to purchase a home, because of the “great recession” and scary uncertainties of the global unemployment outlook. We wanted to buy a “newer spacious home” in a “good neighborhood” with a “good public school” and “excellent” prices (something that we can afford with one income). We had many other “demands” for Becky, and she took all of them seriously. Even though she knew that our “demands” were near impossible, she quietly and diligently worked through the listings and showed us many homes which included short sales and foreclosures. She was very knowledgeable in financial and mortgage markets and real estate market trends of the bay area. She recommended less risky regions of price depreciation and advised us to avoid if possible. She was very determined to get us the home that satisfied us, and we knew that she was the realtor for us.  She prepared all the letters and financial documents early so that when there was a home that we liked, she would submit the offer as quickly as possible, and personally worked with the listing agents. She came over to our home many nights to facilitate the offers, and she kept everything very easy and flexible for us. When it was near the final stage of the purchase where seller and we were not budging from the final terms, she negotiated with seller’s side to close the deal to our satisfaction. She constantly prowls through the loan listings to get us the best loans possible, and even suggested and executed strategy to re-finance to even lower rate, when it was available shortly after the purchase.   
We had no time to do anything but to arrange the move after the escrow close, since we were both working and taking care of an infant. We asked Becky to enlist contractors for remodeling the interiors, repairs and final clean up. She personally oversaw the progress every day, and examined details and quality of workmanship. When everything was done, we had a great, nice, clean, modern house to move in, and prices were quite reasonable. We knew that our new home was never possible if it weren’t for Becky’s tireless work. Our experiences with Becky was so good that my wife and I are recommending her to our friends and colleagues whenever chances we have.  
By Byung, from Philips Lumileds Lighting Co.
& Yang, from Apple Inc.
August 2009 

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